The Frequently
Asked questions

From your everyday lives, to preserving your family history
and keeping your legacy alive,
Tapper Legacy helps you keep your memories alive indefinitely.

Tapper Legacy is completely bootstrapped.  For this reason, to keep costs down, we had to choose one version to launch with.  At this time the Apple’s iOS version is the only full version available right now.  However, we are starting to work on an Android version and hope to have it available late 2022 (Q4) depending on how fast the public acceptance of Tapper is.
UPDATE: The beta Android version is available which allows users to receive Taps but not send them.  You can download this version for free here: [LINK]

Tapper Legacy is a first of its kind legacy app that allows users to make private videos for individuals or groups, that are sent out to their friends, family and loved ones either on a pre-chosen date or after the users passing.